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Edition 8, 2021

Transnational migration, diaspora and development in Asia

INTRODUCTION: Transnationalism, diaspora and the migration-development nexus in Asia and Australia

The impacts of transnational linkages and diaspora are huge and include trade and investment, livelihoods for poor people, and migrant workers’ rights.

  • Professor Andrew Rosser and Associate Professor Yan Tan

Rethinking human trafficking in Southeast Asia to better reflect survivors’ agency

It is crucial to consider the diverse experiences and circumstances of trafficked people without labelling them as only victims.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup, the exploitation of migrant workers, and the role of transnational governing networks

Vibrant transnational networks are challenging human rights violations in Qatar.

How can remittances in rural areas have the biggest impact? A study from the Philippines

Remittances are particularly important in the case of the Philippines. How can they have the most positive outcomes?

Chinese business migrants in Australia: What shapes their business activities and economic contribution?

Chinese business migrants in Australia are trying to develop their social and economic links with China.

WEBINAR: Asian states and their diasporas

China India and Indonesia are increasingly seeing the huge potential of their diasporas for economic development.

Edition 8, 2021

Transnational migration, diaspora and development in Asia

Failing to Engage: The Politics of Diaspora Policy in Australia

A diaspora policy could help Australian businesses compete in Asia and help Australia recover from the pandemic.

China’s diaspora engagement policy and its powerful effect outside its borders

China’s policy not only shapes its internal development but also brings new dynamics to bear global on power relations.

International law and the making of migration and development in India

India’s labour migration agreements help normalise, and encourage, temporary migration.

The new Chinese diaspora in a globalising Singapore

Singapore aims to capitalise on the transnational economic networks of its new Chinese diaspora

INTERVIEW: Transnational connectivity is here to stay. How we understand and deal with it is crucial

Transnational mobility, diaspora and higher education in Asia and Australia.

Vietnamese in Moscow: irregular migration and development in South-South corridors

For Vietnamese workers in Russia, identity and belonging are classed and raced experiences.

There needs to be greater equality within Indonesia’s diasporic communities if their strengths are to be properly realised

Indonesia has active diasporic communities with vast potential to enhance the nation’s economic prosperity.

Book Review

Human Geopolitics: States, Emigrants, and the Rise of Diaspora Institutions by Alan Gamlen

Global migration has driven the recent rise of diaspora institutions which have unleashed a new wave of human geopolitics.

Who will study Indonesia in the future?

Economic and cultural biases tend to lead to Australian governments and elite institutions (including universities) looking past Asia in favour of Europe and North America.

Special Analysis

Video – Indonesia Forum 30th Anniversary – The Future of the Study of Indonesia in Australia

A panel discussion exploring Australia’s capability within and outside academia to engage with and study Indonesia.