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Edition 16, November 2023

‘Safety' and 'belonging’: gender and migration

INTRODUCTION: Gender, the environment and migration: ‘safety and belonging’ in and around Asia

This edition offers potential new frameworks to explore how gender impacts mobility and feelings of belonging and safety in and around Asia.

  • Professor Claire Maree

Broadening Australia’s HIV success: Ensuring equitable HIV outcomes for Asian-born gay men in Sydney

Sydney is a global leader in tackling HIV, but it needs to focus more on areas where Asian-born men live.

Creating safe(r) learning spaces for Asian international women students at Australian universities

Ideally, the classroom is a ‘safe’ space where all students can express themselves and practise their beliefs. But what does that look like?

The role of smartphones in restricting and facilitating freedoms for young women in India

Communications technology is used to maintain gendered moral surveillance over women, but the technology also provides emancipatory potential.

INTERVIEW: ‘The situation for LGBTIQ+ Indonesians is ‘ugly’ and has deteriorated’

Intolerance in Indonesia seemingly remains stubbornly high.

Edition 16, 2023

‘Safety' and 'belonging’: gender and migration

Education mobility’s (gender) queer potentials for Chinese students in Australia

Years of ongoing research on how education mobility opens up transformative possibilities in the realm of sex-gender identity.

Unbelonging: Anti-Asian racism in Australia’s gay community

Gay Asian men’s belonging in the Australian gay community is fragile and contingent on our perceived usefulness and ‘good behaviour’.

Understanding the racialised and gendered experiences of Asian women working in aged care in Australia

Asian women working in aged care in Australia face endemic racism and sexism.

Towards legal recognition of trans and gender diverse individuals: Three case studies in Asia

A look at positive changes and where change is desperately needed: Japan, Taiwan and Nepal.

The caregiving burden of ageing Filipino Australian women in the digital era

New communications technologies have increased the financial burden of Filipino women caring for family abroad.

Creating safe spaces, a sense of belonging and ‘ibasho’ for women refugees in Tokyo

An innovative project provides emotional support and social networks for women refugees amid very limited state support.

Book Review

‘International Student Mobilities and Voices in the Asia-Pacific: Letters to Coronavirus’, edited by Yi’En Cheng

'Letters to Coronavirus' highlights the insightful personal reflections of international students on their anxiety, immobility and futures.