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Edition 3, 2020

Business and human rights in Southeast Asia

COVID-19 Analysis
COVID-19, women and digitised food networks in Jakarta: Inequality and resilience

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for informal food networks and the essential role that women play in creating and sustaining them.

  • Dr Inaya Rakhmani, Dr Ariane Utomo, Dr Catherine Phillips, Dr Diahhadi Setyonaluri
COVID-19 Analysis

COVID-19 media reporting in Taiwan: A proxy war over foreign relations?

Taiwanese media has shown political bias in its reporting of COVID-19 which indicates deep divisions over the future of Taiwan.

COVID-19 Analysis

COVID-19: The politics of local responses in Indonesia

Indonesia has been widely criticised for a weak national response to COVID-19. But sub-national governments have also played an important role.

INTERVIEW—COVID-19 and Belt and Road: Some of the issues impacting business and human rights

Business and Human Rights is always a controversial area, but COVID-19 and China’s Belt and Road Initiative are among the most acute challenges.


Managing marriage in contemporary China: Parenthood in precarious times

Matchmaking corners are a place for the older generation to manage their reactions to huge social changes in China.

Edition 3, 2020

Business and human rights in Southeast Asia

Pandemics, politics and principles: business and human rights in Southeast Asia in a time of crisis

It's clear that full implementation of the UNGPs in Southeast Asia isn't currently politically feasible.

Overcoming Oligarchy? The UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the Philippines. (中文)

Major human rights abuses and even business-related killings are widespread in the Philippines.

Obstacles to implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in Southeast Asia

There are persistent, and in many respects, intensifying obstacles confronting the business and human rights agenda in Southeast Asia.

Palm oil, migrant workers, indigenous peoples and corporations: Responses of Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission

Malaysia's Suhakam plays a crucial role in promoting the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Is ASEAN doing enough to address business and human rights?

ASEAN has taken steps to improve human rights protections, but its silo mentality is hampering action on business and human rights.

Myanmar’s military: Its power over business and human rights and the UN’s Guiding Principles

The difficulties of implementing the UNGPs on business and human rights in a 'pervasive culture of immunity'.

Business-related human rights violations continue unabated in Indonesia without implementation of the UNGPs

Business investment in Indonesia has grown dramatically in recent years, and business-related human rights violations have continued unabated.

Book Review

Addressing modern slavery, Justine Nolan and Martijn Boersma

Important insights into the complexities that perpetuate slavery in a contemporary context.