Pushing back against plastic waste in Indonesia | Melbourne Asia Review

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In Indonesia, pollution from plastics is reaching crisis levels, with the fabled beaches of Bali now strewn with discarded plastics, while on Java the army is called out to unclog rivers from “icebergs” of plastic. How did Indonesia get into this predicament, and who will clean up the mess? Indonesian rock star and environmental activist Gede Robi, and development expert Ewa Wojkowska, shed light on Indonesia’s plastic scourge and discuss possible solutions with presenter Ali Moore.

An Asia Institute podcast. Produced and edited by profactual.com. Songs by Navicula. Theme music by audionautix.com. The Pulau Plastik campaign.


Image (L-R): Gede Robi and Ewa Wojkowska 
Thumbnail image: Littered beach, Bali. Credit: GRID-Arendal/Flickr