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Edition 2 Introduction

  • Dr Ikuko Nakane, Dr Michael Ewing,

Power relationships are created, maintained and disputed through the ways in which the world is understood through language.

INTERVIEW: COVID-19 will set back the cause of women’s rights in Indonesia

  • Atnike Nova Sigiro,

Work on gender quality, such as the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence, is made more difficult by coronavirus.

Singapore’s massive COVID-19 oversight

  • Dr Sow Keat Tok,

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic Singapore’s response was exemplary. But not anymore.

Shifting communication practices in Japanese courtrooms

  • Dr Ikuko Nakane,

Courtroom communication is evolving towards greater emphasis on verbal evidence, which has consequences for the delivery of justice.

INTERVIEW: COVID-19 is accelerating trends towards a more polarised world

  • Dr Hoo Tiang Boon,

Language being used by the US and China indicates there will be less “traffic control” in the future from major powers.