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Securing the backbone: Security challenges to and governance of submarine cables in the Indo-Pacific

  • Jeslyn Tan,

Despite the importance of submarine cables to global supply chains and economy, this critical infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks and damage.

The growth of inter-ethnic solidarity among Myanmar university students after the military coup  

  • Pan Hsu Pyae Eain,

New research indicating there may have been a change in perception regarding ethnic difference among university students.

The increasing role of women’s fatwa-making in Indonesia

  • Nor Ismah,

Women Islamic scholars are challenging male authority through fatwa-making.

Reflections on the significance of Indigenous knowledge research and storytelling

  • Dr Justin Wejak,

Why Indigenous knowledge research, particularly storytelling, is important.

WEBINAR: Taiwan and Australia in the 21st Century

What do we need to know about the conflict between China and Taiwan, and how can we understand Taiwan in relation to Australia?