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Law and disorder in China-Australia relations

Can a better appreciation of how concepts of law and justice differ between Australia and China help get relations onto a better footing?

Is democracy at risk in India?

Just how robust is the nation’s democracy? How does India reconcile its membership in coalitions of democracies, such as the Quad, with criticism at home over the erosion of religious and media freedoms?

Framing and shaming body size in Japan

In Japan, slender bodies are prized and body size is regarded as a personal responsibility. In this social milieu, how do those with non-conforming body sizes feel about themselves?

Who’s fighting for the environment in China?

Despite the Chinese government’s aversion to collective action, there are NGOs working hard to save the environment. So how do NGOs operate in this context?

Caste and the corporation, in India and abroad

India’s caste system remains alive and thriving, both in India and in its global diaspora.