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  • 作者:宋智英博士 (Dr Jay Song),瑞安·古斯塔夫森博士 (Dr Ryan Gustafsson),崔大正博士 (Dr Daejeong Choi),申媛善博士(Dr Wonsun Shin),

2021年是韩澳建交60周年。韩国是澳大利亚的第四大贸易伙伴 …

访谈:跨国互联互通是未来趋势 如何理解应对至关重要

  • 作者:法扎尔·里兹维 (Fazal Rizvi),


Video – Indonesia Forum 30th Anniversary – The Future of the Study of Indonesia in Australia

A panel discussion exploring Australia’s capability within and outside academia to engage with and study Indonesia.

Who will study Indonesia in the future?

  • Professor Edward Aspinall, Associate Professor Sharyn Davies and Professor Vedi Hadiz,

Economic and cultural biases tend to lead to Australian governments and elite institutions (including universities) looking past Asia in favour of Europe and North America.

What social media platforms can and should do to build young Asian Australians’ resilience against online racism

  • Dr Wilfred Yang Wang, Dr Wonsun Shin & Dr Jay Song,

New research shows young Asian Australians experience considerable racism on social media, but there are practical things that can be done.