WEBINAR: The case for feminist foreign policy in Asia | Melbourne Asia Review

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Feminist foreign policy is an approach which places gender equality as the central goal of foreign policy, in recognition that gender equality is a predictor of peaceful and flourishing societies. There are now seven countries that have formally adopted feminist foreign policy including Sweden, France, Canada and Mexico.

What is the case for countries to adopt a feminist foreign policy? In both Australia and India there have been campaigns launched. What would it mean if they were successful?

This webinar will covers what’s happening with feminist foreign policy around the world followed by the case for Australia and for India to adopt.


Melissa Conley-Tyler (chair), Honorary Fellow, Asia Institute; and Program Lead, Asia-Pacific Development, Diplomacy & Defence Dialogue (AP4D).

Alice Ridge, Research, Policy & Advocacy Advisor, International Women’s Development Agency.

Ambika Vishwanath, Co-Founder, Kubernein Initiative.

Grant Wyeth, columnist for the Diplomat.

Image: Women in Myanmar. Credit: Adam Cohn/Flickr.



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