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Australia’s Muslims strongly reject an association between Islam and violent extremism

  • Associate Professor Halim Rane,

Overcoming prejudices concerning Islam and Muslims must involve acknowledgement of an ethical, progressive and peaceful Islam that teaches respectful coexistence with non-Muslims.

Death penalty for apostasy: Selected Sunni and Shi’a scholars’ views in favour of abolition

  • Dr Ali Akbar & Professor Abdullah Saeed,

A change of religion is a personal matter and should not lead to any form of punishment, let alone the death penalty.

Politicising blasphemy in Indonesia: How Islamic alliances are established

  • Rafiqa Qurrata A’yun,

Conservative Muslim groups in an increasingly Islamic Indonesian society are attempting to establish alliances with opportunist politicians.

GODROADS: Modalities of Conversion in India. Editors: Peter Berger, Sarbeswar Sahoo

  • Matthew Wilkinson,

The book offers an alternative script for the Indian conversion experience, one that conceptualises conversion as a heterogenous experience rather than a single and individualised event.

How religion, geography and demography shape Pakistan’s state, society and politics

  • Professor Riaz Hassan (Honorary),

Pakistan’s politics is shaped by weak political institutions and a strident relationship between government and military. But religion and other factors also play a significant role.