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  • 李东梅博士 (Dr Dongmei Li)、希蒂·努鲁尔·穆纳维拉·莫哈末·罗斯兰 (Siti Nurul Munawirah Mohamad Roslan)、张佩涵 (Sally Pei Han Chang) 和朱涛(Zhu Tao) ,



  • 作者:馬蘭安教授(Professorial Fellow, Anne McLaren),

中國是澳大利亞的主要貿易夥伴 …

INTRODUCTION – Changing one’s world view: the potentially transformative power of Asian language(s) and culture(s)

  • Dr Jun Ohashi,

Learning an Asian language can serve as a bulwark against rising nationalism and xenophobia.

INTERVIEW: Is Asian Studies and ‘Asia literacy’ in crisis in Australia and what is its future?

  • Professor Melissa Crouch ,

Government needs to signal to universities that Asia literacy is a skill-set employers want.

The importance of fitting society and culture into Australian university language courses

  • Dr Jonathan Benney,

Language learning should facilitate cultural understanding and this requires contentious aspects of culture to be examined.