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WEBINAR: Reflecting on 20+ years of the securitisation of Islam and Muslims

What is the place of Islam in the Australian imaginary, given that it continues to be securitised more than 20 years after 9/11?

INTERVIEW: Terrorism, Muslimness and Islamophobia – Counterterrorism’s impact on Muslim communities

  • Dr Rizwaan Sabir,

The moment I was accused of being a terrorist, my identity as a Muslim took precedence over everything else.

France’s anti-separatism law is increasing the securitisation of Muslims

  • Assistant Professor Imène Ajala,

France’s anti-separatism law seems to suggest that one cannot be French and Muslim at the same time.

Strategies of control and the silencing of Muslims in Spain

  • Assistant Professor Johanna M. Lems and Professor Laura Mijares,

Securitisation and ‘pre-crime’ prevention negatively impact the daily lives of those who self-identify, or are identified by others, as Muslim.

Securitisation contributes to an anti-women backlash in Australian Muslim communities

  • Alyssa Moohin,

Interviews with Australian Muslim women reveal a connection between securitisation and some Muslim men’s involvement in anti-women movements.