WEBINAR: The importance of learning Asian languages | Melbourne Asia Review

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Where do we need to be by 2030 and how do we get there?

This panel discussion is focused on the challenges for language education in Australia, and the importance of learning Asian Languages in our region.

The webinar explores the issues faced at all levels of education, from primary and secondary schooling through to tertiary closures and teacher education. It will also examine emerging technologies and the value of face-to-face vs online learning.


Kate McGregor, Associate Professor in Southeast Asian History, Historical and Philosophical Studies and President of the Asian Studies Association of Australia.

Ikuko Nakane, Associate Professor in Japanese Studies, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne.

Sabrina Li, Chinese Language Teacher and International Student’s Coordinator, St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School.


Hamish Curry, Executive Director of the Asia Education Foundation (AEF), Asialink, University of Melbourne.