Is democracy at risk in India? | Melbourne Asia Review

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India has been slipping down the league tables of democratic health recently, with concerns over persistent crackdowns on dissent by the Hindu nationalist-led government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Just how robust is the nation’s democracy? How does India reconcile its membership in coalitions of democracies, such as the Quad, with criticism at home over the erosion of religious and media freedoms? And why should the world care about rising illiberalism in India? Political scientist Dr Pradeep Taneja, and Suhasini Haidar, national and diplomatic affairs editor of The Hindu, join Peter Clarke to examine what’s at risk in a more majoritarian India.

An Asia Institute podcast. Produced and edited by Music by Transcript here.

Main image: L->R: Suhasini Haidar and Dr Pradeep Taneja.  Listing image: Crowded Old Delhi seen from the Jama Masjid – India. Credit: Erik Törner/Flickr.