How can Sri Lanka hedge between India and China? | Melbourne Asia Review

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Sri Lanka recently found itself caught in a diplomatic tussle between China and India over the planned visit of Chinese naval vessel the Yuan Wang 5, to the port of Hambantota. India opposed the visit because it considers the vessel a spy ship, while China maintains that it’s just a research vessel. And that saga is but one example of how Sri Lanka must walk the line between Asia’s two largest powers. How can Sri Lanka maintain a sense of balance in its bilateral relationships with the two Asian giants? And will there come a time when Colombo will have to choose a side? Geopolitical analysts Dr Pradeep Taneja and Dr Chulanee Attanayake join presenter Ali Moore to examine the state of India-China power dynamics and what this means for Sri Lanka.

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Main image: Dr Pradeep Taneja and Dr Chulanee Attanayake. Listing image: Ranil Wickremesinghe and Narendra Modi in New Delhi, 2017. Credit: MEA/Flickr.